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India - The land of Tigers and Elephants, is one of the most interesting wildlife destinations in the world and offers plenty of India wildlife holiday options for enthusiast wildlife lovers. We invite you to explore this amazing wildlife with experts.

Recommended India Tour Packages

Holidays to India are famous for providing so much variety. From the hustle and bustle of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore to the quiet retreats of Kerala and the back waters.

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Holidays to India offer some of the most amazing landmarks in the world. You can also travel in utter luxury without having to spend a fortune.

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The Management at Easy Expedition is just not Entrepreneurs, but passionate travel facilitators who aim to provide you an experience that gives you joy of Easy Expedition. For us, long term sustainability and stability are essential values of corporate culture.

All tours are operated to the highest quality standard and offers excellent value for money. We know that outstanding value means ensuring that all of the ingredients are right, not just the price. Our years of experience have enabled us to maintain the right blend of quality and adventure that is best suited to our travellers.

Easy Expedition is not focused on numbers (be it sales or how many destinations). We really care that you will be satisfied with our services because we want you to be associated with us for a long time and allow us an opportunity to book your expedition again and again and recommend us to your friends.

For the destinations we specialize in, we offer you more ways to get around: from backpackers to luxury travellers, we provide solution to all. We believe in treating every guest as a valued individual and take pride in providing tailored service for them. And we don’t stop at just offering customized packages, but see to it that the tour goes smoothly and as planned for an unparalleled travel experience.

Apart from visiting the major highlights of a destination, we also encourage you to explore those out-of-the-way local sights that guidebooks don’t know of and many tourists never have the chance to see. We like to encourage our travellers to have a fully interactive experience, all the while respecting local cultures and customs.

Through us you will find and book tours and get the most of what you wish and with maximum ease and comfort. A lot of our clients appreciate our tours because we make their travel so much easier. On our tours you are completely free from the annoyance of booking your own accommodation, organizing your own transport, finding your own excursions with quality guides. We have association with hotels across India (including both budget and luxury hotels) and can arrange accommodation for you as per you demands and budget. Many of these hotels are known for outstanding services and gracious hospitality, so you are assured of a pleasant stay. We employ only the best staff with the most extensive local knowledge, so you can rely upon them to find the best places to go for dinner and drinks, according to your needs and budget.

When you travel to a certain destination, you certainly don’t want any unpleasant surprise of bearing extra cost that were not share before the tour was booked. Easy Expedition is one of few up-front travel companies that will clearly list inclusions and exclusions of the tour you prefer to book.

Our friendly and caring expeditors pay close attention to your requirement to make your journey memorable which internet will not do for you. They work round-the-clock so that you can devote all your energy to your expedition and have fun leaving issues like logistics and planning in our able hands. Our expeditors are self-motivated, team players who are passionate about travel and have given Easy Expedition its reputation as a great travel agency.

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